The Haven – Terrigal, Central Coast, NSW


Snapped these few shots on the GX617 when out and about teaching. Chris and I made our way to the sandstone rock ledge at Terrigal in the late afternoon and shot towards the Haven. The sunset wasn’t going to be that special but the afternoon light was perfect.

9 thoughts on “The Haven – Terrigal, Central Coast, NSW

  1. I love the colours in both of these, the foreground is brilliant. Trying to remember when we had such nice looking weather here on the coast 🙂

    I always enjoy your new post’s Matt.

  2. Hi Matt, your work is always admirable. Great composition in this pano. I’m looking forward to the Blue Mountain day course coming up in July.

  3. Love the vertical pano. I dont know if it is because you dont see them very often but I just love the style and energy that they create.

  4. Hi,Matt,this photo is almost as good as Peter Lik”s artwork which has the “Soul” in it,but if there is more light,it will look better.

  5. @ Chris Belyea: How are you finding that iPhone app? I have a B&W +1) and has always struggled to find the right exposure time. Cheers, Quang

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