The Haven – Terrigal Sunset on the Fuji GX617

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After shooting so much digital it was great to finally put in a swag of film and get it back. Especially with some of the great light we have had around of late. This one was taken on the sunset shoot of my magic hour course. There was a yacht in the background that worried me in regards to my exposure time as it was rocking badly and I didn’t want too much blur and I had my shutter speed as fast as I could get it without sacrificing DOF. I think I just got away with it on this shot… I shot a great sunset a few months back and the moving boats totally destroyed the image from being used for anything.

This shot is taken on the Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50 | imacon drum scanned with a minor contrast curve only in Photoshop that’s it, no colour editing at all. 100% as captured.

I’ll post more shots from this batch of processing over the coming days. Got some more crackers.

10 thoughts on “The Haven – Terrigal Sunset on the Fuji GX617

  1. Great shot Matt! I’ve been thinking of getting a GX617 but I’m trying to learn how to correctly meter for film first. Where/how did you meter for this shot?


    • Finding your correct capture starting point with film is where a lot of people go wrong. But this scene was quite simple. I would have read for the water obviously in the red and also to the left and right of it. There is no point reading too far away from there as you don’t want to over exposure this area of your foreground. Then you pick your best exposure that represents foreground.

      Then with the sky it was about a stop difference so I put on my lee 2 stop soft grad. How I shoot with my grads and why I select the ND strenghts on the 617 will be a video tutorial soon. Probably next month.

      Hope that helps you out a bit.

  2. As I posted on your flickr site Matt – I am always in awe of the panoramics that you shoot with your good old Fuji on Velia – there is something very special about the images you capture on Velvia they are so punchy and vibrant. I’d love to do a ‘back to the future’ and shoot with film – but scared as I’ve only ever known digital… plus it would hurt the old hip pocket!!!

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