The Skillion – Shutter and Exposure Blending


The Skillion, Central Coast While teaching a two day private course over the weekend we looked at the technique of exposure blending and also shutter blending.

Made up of 6 different images of 2 different exposure values and also shot at different shutter and iso speeds to get silky water, waves curling, water veiling off rocks, dark shots, bright shots, mid tone shots, you get the idea. Great technique and heaps of fun. All shots where taken with 10 stop ND filter to get the slow exposure during the middle of the day.

Canon 5D Mark II | shot at 24mm @ F11 | several iso speeds and shutter speeds.

8 thoughts on “The Skillion – Shutter and Exposure Blending

  1. Hi Matt,

    love your work, enjoyed the Brisbane Waters tutorial. Not sure how well it would perform on the Mk2 but I have always found the 17-40 to be a great lens on the 5D Mk1, plus they can be had for no money second hand if your lucky. I find it much sharper than my 24-105.

    Ian Woolcock

  2. nice again mate, your getting much better shots since I visited you, must have got some of my magic light dust! Still bummed out I was crook, pissed off I missed the Skillion, oh well. next time mate.

  3. Ian… thanks yea the 17-40 is another option. Might have to look into that one.

    Fletch… yea mate I’m loving this blending and multiple exposure shooting. Not sure how it would go when stitching, glad that cold you had when you were here didn’t get me.

  4. This blending of images is getting more popular by the day. The next time I’m in NSW I’d like to see some of these images in the flesh and large. It’s producing some sweet images, well done!

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