The Skillion, Terrigal, Morning Shoot

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Morning Glory

The Skillion Blend Couple of shots taken this week while running a private course from sunrise to the afternoon.

I must say that for us photographers based on the Central Coast we really do have an amazing range of locations to shoot all within such a small area.

Both shots are from the same morning. Top one is a single image. One on the left is made from 6 shots.

12 thoughts on “The Skillion, Terrigal, Morning Shoot

  1. Thanks for all the comments guys. We are very spoilt for places over here on the Central Coast. Photographers paradise. I personally like the bottom image just because I know I created it like that not Mother Nature. 🙂

  2. Hi Matt, Do you sell digital files of the top photo. I would like to use it in a Central Coast brochure I am designing. Thanks.

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