This month on Rubbing Pixels – July 2010


All our June tutorials have been added to the site over the month except one. Which will be added this month.

This month on Rubbing Pixels we are getting off the computer and out into the field. The following tutorials are what we are hoping to release this month.

1. Setting up and capturing digital panoramics.

2. A look over the Fuji GX617 and Fuji G617 panoramic camera. Discussing it’s features and the pro’s and con’s I have experienced with the camera for the last 10 years.

3. Setting up ND grad filters on a 617 rangefinder and how I use them on my system with the lee filter kit.

4. Shooting Velvia 50 slide film. This is an upgrade to our last one as some people asked additional questions that don’t really relate to shooting the film it self, more about its properties, reported casts, info mentioned on the films data sheet that conflicts with how it can be shot, that kind of thing. So I will update it and cover all those other side topics. It will just replace the video that currently exists.

5. Upper Wentworth Falls panoramic masterclass. (The final image can be seen here)

6. The effects of scratched ND filters on your images. (Lost my voice for two weeks last month so this will be released this month)

Other tutorials especially for beginners may be uploaded during the month as well.

All new video tutorials can be followed on the home page under Latest Tutorials and via our news feed.

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3 thoughts on “This month on Rubbing Pixels – July 2010

  1. Can’t wait for the Scratched ND one… I have gone through a few sets till I “found out” how to care for them property… Also the fist one and the new master class look great.

    All are great, keep up the amazing work with Rubbing Pixels, truly unique source of information on the internet.

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