Thorny Little Devil


When I was on my way to Kata Tjuta I saw this small object on the road. As I got closer I saw this little “Devil” basking in the sun on the bitumen road. So I stopped and relocated him to a much safer location.

I then grabbed the 1ds and took a couple of snaps. The best view was to get as low as possible. So here I am laying on the red dirt, spinifex digging into my back and camera in hand with these tourist buses flying by. I’m sure it was a funny sight to the international tourists but it would be no surprise to the bus driver who is probably thinking “Stupid photographer”

Thorny Devil

0 thoughts on “Thorny Little Devil

  1. Nice Matt,
    I can’t wait to see my first Thorny Devil.
    Did you know they have wrinkles from their head to their mouth, when it rains the water drains down into its mouth, smart evolution.

  2. Thanks Flemming… It was shot at F8. Could have gone F11 and picked up the end of his tail but it works well like this. He stayed still the whole time, even when being handled. So I was able to get as close to him as I wanted. The perfect model.

  3. Nice shot Matt,
    Yes the perfect model.

    The low down view seems to work best for my 2 year old too.

    Although he rarely sits still like your mate here. He usually ends up dropping the hammer (WWE style) whilst i’m trying to get the camera away from my eye.

  4. really like this Matt. love how you positioned it near the sticks creating the sense of his natural environment.

    they are awesome critters. i had a experience with one near Exmouth. it was lying in the middle of the road on a bend, luckily in the middle of my tyres too!! running back to him picked him up off the road no worries at all either. few snaps with him stationary, all the time in the world.

  5. Hey Matt,
    Very nice angle and sharp. I`m getting one as a pet one day! I found one at Cape Peron about 2 years ago, unbelievably timid, little dude didn`t move for an hour.

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