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Just back from my latest photography adventure to Australia’s red center. Visiting here was a first for me and a most memorable experience. I grew up in the North West of WA in the Iron Ore Mining towns and the red earth and spinifex was a homely site. It has been almost 15 years since my skin had felt the sting of the spinifex and it was a memory I didn’t need refreshing.

Uluru (Ayres Rock) is impressive for the first time visitor but it’s size and grandeur is well documented in books and from shows you see on TV. What really took my breath away on the trip was The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) this is seriously one rock formation that photographing doesn’t do it justice and seeing it with your own eyes is a must.

When shooting in the National Park there is a long list of rules and guidelines you need to obey and respect. All my images that have Uluru or Kata Tjuta in them need to be approved prior to public display or sale. These two I am safe to display as they don’t breach the rules, but they will still need to be approved none the less.

Both of these shots are digital panoramic’s taken on my Canon 1ds Mark II. I am awaiting for my film to get processed and I also have quite a few more digital shots to work through.

So keep an eye out on the blog and also my main web site gallery as there is more to come. Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park

  1. Great to see your back mate,
    Love the kata tjuta shot, just awesome.
    The Uluru needs a bit of cloud or something to finish it off, but I really like the rest of the colours.

    Well done.


  2. Welcome back mate!

    I agree that Kata Tjuta really takes your breath away, it’s fantastic. I also love Uluru but it is much more familiar.

    I’ve had all my shots approved as well, it’s a shame we aren’t allowed to show any shots from the Valley of The Winds walk in Kata Tjuta as every step is just magic in there. Also some of my favorites from Uluru I can’t show either unfortunately.

    Really looking forward to seeing more of your work from Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

  3. Thanks guys… the upload to the blog really killed the rich red I have i the shot of Uluru.

    Tom yea I would have loved some cloud but you cant win them all. It is definitely a place to re visit when you have a change in the weather.

    Flemming yea it is a shame about the restrictions on some angles. Both places have some amazing features. I remember one place on the rock that has a front that looks like a scene of some sci fi space ship and then there is Kata Tjuta which is just as special.

    I’ll post more shots as I get them. Finding an original view of the either location was the biggest challenge but I think I got a few.

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