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[vimeo http://vimeo.com/2685149]

A quick video that I just put together of some footage I took while shooting at Ayres Rock in November. The camera work is a bit rough (to say the least) but I did what I could while trying to shoot with my 6×17 and Canon at the same time. An extra hand or two would have been…. handy 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Uluru Video

  1. Cool work Matt,
    I was waiting for you to jump out of a helicopter with an umbrella or driving a Cadillac convertible.
    It was great to see where you were shooting from and its surrounds.
    The scattered approach to the thorny devil through the grass was pretty cool.

  2. Haha… that might be in the next video Tom. Shooting in the National Park is quite different to what I thought and thats what I wanted to show in the video. My camera technique definitely needs some fine tuning. Yet another skill to learn along with the post production side of HD video. Yay for me !!

  3. Nice video, what was the soundtrack, Enya? Now we can see why you want a Sherpa for your longer trips, that must be some kit you’re humping, so it’s either a humble Sherpa or a helicopter and a hat and a Cadillac. Keep ’em coming:)

  4. Matt,
    Cool video matt…… if you had a a 5dMKII you might be bale to cut down on some gear huh….

    Cool to see where you went and how the shots turned out, and I did not think the video work was as bad as you make out……

    Will chat to you later huh


  5. Thanks for the comments guys and feedback on the video. I’m working on a few more as a bit of a laugh so keep an eye out.

    Matt if that music was Enya I would have to give myself an upper cut. Firstly for even having Enya and secondly for making you poor guys listen to it on my video.

  6. Hey matt,
    Would have been great if you were in Cairns with me filming.. I could have seen where my f*&(ing glasses fell in Mossman River along with the spot attachment for my meter.


  7. Matt . i think i wanna swear its that good . really enjoyed it . i want more 😉 lol to the first comment . the bloke he is talking about , theres a word for that , MASTURBATOR .

    hey , you need a second hand ill help , and i dont mean the way your thinking either 😉

  8. that’s a great film clip – good to see the behind-the-scenes shots, makes me want to go travelling and get some photos…

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