Veterans Hall Wharf, Davistown


Veterans Hall Wharf, Central Coast

Davistown on the Central Coast is lined with private wharfs and boats. Finding the right location is tricky but when you do it is rewarding. What started as a clear sunrise turned into something that was a nice surprise. My first real shoot after having the shutter replaced in my 1ds Mark II.

8 thoughts on “Veterans Hall Wharf, Davistown

  1. Thanks Tom, yea it would have been nice if the car wasn’t there. Might look at removing it later. My shutter started doing something called shutter bounce apparently. I was getting a bright over exposure line across the top of my images more visible at higher shutter speeds. Not cheap to get fixed, but there service at Canon in Sydney was great. Had the camera back in a week. I had a camera tech look at the shutter here locally and he recommended I get canon to do the repair and he said at the time I would be lucky to get a quote from canon for the repair within a month.

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