Vintage Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

This shot was one I snapped on my Sydney City Day Course yesterday (Sunday 6th Sep 09) in the late afternoon.

It is an 8 image stitch from Observatory Hill with the trusty 70-200mm f2.8.

Click the image to view large.

8 thoughts on “Vintage Sydney Harbour Bridge

  1. Very nice effect Matt, the image looks like it was taken in the early 20th century and recently dug out of archives. I would like to now how you did this if you’re looking for tutorial material? You you could do something like this with a lot of the buildings here in Melbourne. ‘Pimp my Ride’ meet ‘Antique my Stitch’.

  2. wow you’re a lot older then you look Matt! đŸ˜›

    this is great, i really like it. as Matthew said it looks like it has been dug out of the archives. scratches, tears, dust and all.
    awesome idea here that has worked pretty damn well

  3. Antique my stitch – haha!
    I agree with everyone else, usually when someone attempts this style it looks pretty crap.. well not crap but it’s totally obvious it’s a bad PS version, but this one is great! i’m loving it.

  4. Thanks guys. Takes a bit of playing around finding the right texture. The only shame about the shot is the texture is only 72 dpi so I couldnt make a real print out of the shot on some funky thick textured paper.

    Might have to try and source the high rez version.

  5. ok – good enough that you had me checking the date to see if it was April 1st or something…. then I checked for instances of vintage cars.

    I hadn’t even had a beer (!)

    Matt 1 – Barney 0

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