Wamberal to Forresters Beach, Central Coast, NSW


Another from my morning the other day. I remember being told early in my photography that no matter how nice the light is in front of you to always look behind you as sometimes it is better. Great piece of advice. Also the light is easier to balance and shoot as well.

A six image stitch with a shutter speed of 30 sec each. Stitched in CS4 Photomerge. Cropped to 4:1 ratio.

7 thoughts on “Wamberal to Forresters Beach, Central Coast, NSW

  1. Cracking stitched Pano Matt, I like the people in it, I think they add interest. Amazed you got such uniformity with 30 second exposures. I always end up chasing my tail trying panos of so long (if that makes any sense)!

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