What a day… Freshwater Beach


Today – Sunday 27th of July 2008 – I was doing a one on one course with a couple and the day started nice and sunny. About 3.30pm this storm started to roll in. In 9 years of shooting landscapes I have never been able to be in a position to see a sight like this unveil before me and it was an amazing sight. We left the beach just in time and boy did it bucket down in rain and hail. This storm made the 6pm news.

This shot is 8 images shot at 24mm and covers about 270 degree view of Freshwater Beach on the Northern Beaches. Crazy stuff. Also shot it on slide.

14 thoughts on “What a day… Freshwater Beach

  1. that is some of the best cloud I have seen anywhere. Brilliant shot Matt. Would be selling that to the BOM. No that is what the end of the world looks like. I hear you had light hail that was mistaken for snow?

  2. Sorry about Mr Putt, Matt….as we know he’s a hilarious man….aren’t you Tom? I’d actually be interested to see a 624 next to a stitched digi. I have tried a few comparisons at Buller over the weekend with the 617 and stitching. Nice shot at Freshie though. I used to live in Evans Street in Freshie, believe it or not!?

    • Hi John, no havent played with HDR as yet. In terms of tone mapping etc must say I am not a fan at all but in saying that it has a place and I think the trick is to do it well and not like what is plasted all over the internet with that weird saturation and shadow detail.

      I have heard of quite a few photographers doing a HDR and then blending it back into an image for the areas where detail is needed. I think this is the way to go. But I guess I will find what works best for me when I dip my toe in the HDR water.

      Now LDR thats a different story… showing people detail in shadows but not balancing them to equal your highlight. Thats much more appealing to me and also customers.

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