Woy Woy Boats on Fuji GX617


Early Morning - Woy Woy

A few posts ago I added a shot of this spot in Woy Woy on the Central Coast that was shot on the 5D Mark II. This is a shot taken with the good old trusty Fuji GX617 from the same morning just a bit earlier. The film has captured the colour a lot better and the composition is much more flattering as well.

From memory F22 @ 2 sec | Velvia 50 | 2 stop lee ND soft grad.

5 thoughts on “Woy Woy Boats on Fuji GX617

  1. Thanks Mitch.. yea got the dust storm shots back. I actually like the digital shots better. The slide shots are really red where the digital gave me a bit more of an orange glow and were closer to the scene. The film dust storm shots will be added as stock shots.

  2. The composition is different too, a little tighter and the image benefits greatly from it
    . Colours are richer but could the Digi-Image be brought up to scratch now a the bench-mark has been reset.

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