Woy Woy Stacked Star Trail


Well headed out last night with a simple thought in mind and that was to test stacking star trail images in photoshop, a technique that limits long exposure noise while still getting the benefit of spinning stars. So this shot even though it is nothing special is a simple stack of 8 shots at 2.5 min. Parts of the boat are pretty yellow from the sodium lights nearby.

Depending on the weather I will be shooting star trail shots pretty hard this week and over the coming weekend to put this really into effect and I feel a tutorial on it all coming on as well 🙂


One thought on “Woy Woy Stacked Star Trail

  1. Nice i like it. That light really adds atmosphere. Look forward to the tut, That image I have on flickr suffered greatly from noise, film was so much better for * trails. Keep the tuts coming…

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