Yattalunga Jetty Photos, Central Coast, NSW


A beautiful spot on the Central Coast that I have had my eye on for a while and waiting for the right conditions. Shot on the Fotoman 624 that I have been carrying around with me all the time now and I am getting some great stuff with it.

Fotoman 624 | 110mm Super Symmar lens | Center Filter | handheld lee ND grad | Velvia 50.


5 thoughts on “Yattalunga Jetty Photos, Central Coast, NSW

  1. Great work.This is the most sensitive photo that I’ve ever seen.Matt,your shooting skill is improving .Keep going.One day your artwork will have the same value as Peter Lik’s.

    • Thanks Tom… yea amazing what shots you can get with a camera if you decide to use it 🙂 I actually like the small mangrove in the shot. But I guess it isnt what I think that matters it is the customers. I think in a commercial / retail view it is better not to have it as people would never know it was there to miss it. But if it is there then someone might not buy it because it is there.

      Things to ponder when you sell your work.

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