20 rolls of film in for processing (Velvia 50 120 and Velvia 50 220)

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Some how I have managed to end up with 20 rolls of film for processing. I had to sit back and think long and hard about what was on them, I guess I will find out on Friday when I get it all back. The rolls of 120 are from my new Fotoman 6×24 which will be great to see and the 220 is from the GX617.

I am working on a video post to show you all the Fotoman 6×24 as they aren’t a common sight even for the film photographers among us so stay tuned.

As you can see in the picture I use Vision Image Lab for my processing. They are the best and I have used them my whole career. If you find a good lab, stick to it, no matter where you move to.

For those who have a keen eye, in the shot I only have 16 rolls, I added another 4 from a morning shoot on Monday.

5 thoughts on “20 rolls of film in for processing (Velvia 50 120 and Velvia 50 220)

  1. Just got 10 back myself matt, although i’m a drop off and pick up kinda guy, it’s cheaper since i work down that way.

    Vision are great aren’t they. I think they are impossible at making mistakes!

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