2007 Beachley Classic ASP Womens Pro Surfing

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NAB Beachley Classic 2007 image copyrighted ASP World Tour - Robertson

In October last year (2007) when I had my work on display for six months in Warringah Mall shopping center on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Pro Surfer and 7 time world surfing champion Layne Warringah Mall DisplayBeachley stopped by my display and selected two of my images to be used as 1st and 2nd trophies for the ASP Womens Pro Surfing Tour of the Beachley Classic held on Narrabeen Beach, prize money $100 grand. The winner here is Stephanie Gilmore holding my 30 inch framed Manly Beach shot on the winners podium. 2nd place took a 18 inch framed shot of my image Sydney Reflections.

The shot to the right is the display I had in Warringah Mall at the cheap low rental price of $130 grand a year.

The top image is copyrighted by the ASP World Tour.

7 thoughts on “2007 Beachley Classic ASP Womens Pro Surfing

  1. Good exposure there Matt having your pics as trophies.

    I think you posted before about the shopping centre outlet but how did it all come out in the finish,was it worth it?

  2. Hi Matt and nice work there, looks great to have a world champ holding your photo as a prize!

    I visited a friend in Manly today, we shot the sunrise and was actually at the mall not realizing that you don’t have the display there anymore I guess?

  3. Fletch I havent tried surfing since high school when I nearly snapped my neck on the ocean floor trying to catch the big waves the older kids were on.

    Thanks Flemming yea it is great to know that my pic if hopefully hanging on her wall somewhere.

    I pulled out of the Mall December 07 after Christmas. Manly is a great spot to shoot but the Northern Beaches is a great spot to point a camera at.

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