Canon 60D Review by Nick Rains

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For those who are interested Landscape Photographer Nick Rains got his hands on the new Canon 60D and gave it a test run in Sydney and just put up a blog post on his thoughts.

You can check it out on this link

The camera is due for release within the next 30 days. So those thinking of buying a 50D hold off.

10 thoughts on “Canon 60D Review by Nick Rains

  1. i read it earlier today, hmm im still sticking with nikon lol, but if they don’t bring out a new full frame camera by the end of the yeah im gonna make the switch i think 🙂

  2. Hmmm … no mention of high ISO performance, which is a bit of a concern, and I’ll have to disagree with you Matt about the articulating screen – personally, I’d never buy a DSLR that had one 🙁

    • i hate how camera companies are all into making the camera see in the dark! they should really focus on image quality, or even making a lower range of iso?

      but i guess having a camera that can see in the dark has its positives lol

  3. The LCD is certainly a great function if you ask me. Shooting in tight places where you can’t actually move around too much the screen would be a great advantage allowing you to compose shots that you wouldn’t be able to do without the screen…

  4. Hi Guys

    I didn’t mention high ISO performance because we were obliged to shoot certain things in certain ways on the day, and all in Jpeg mode 🙁

    I have a unit coming for review and I’ll be able to have a harder look at the ISO performance (review scheduled for Better Digital Camera magazine in January). I can say this though, based on Jpegs, it looks like it will be the same as in the 7D which is to say it’s about average.

    Mitchell – high ISO performance is directly related to image quality at low ISO. Low noise is always ‘good thing’ as it improves the dynamic range of the sensor. In theory a 14bit sensor can capture 14 stops of DR, in practice this is limited by noise to about 11-12 usable stops.

    Chris – the articulating screen is one of those things you don’t miss until you have used it. It acts like a normal LCD screen if you don’t want to flip it out as it reverses its position to sit screen out, but folded away. Folding the screen inwards protects the face. I see no downside to this.


    Nick Rains

  5. There is no snobbery involved, the 5D MkII is the superior camera, no question, but at a superior price since you do get what you pay for. I reckon the 5D MkII hits a sweet spot of price/features but the 60D is pretty good for the money.

    How about a 5D MkIII with a tilt screen, now there’s a thought…

  6. Hi Nick – no argument about the relative price points of both cameras … but a 5D Mk III with a tilt screen – then I can see me hanging onto my Mk II for a long, long while, but then again, if Canon included the 1D Mk IV focus system and frame rate 😉

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