Canon Super Telephoto 1200mm f5.6L – Yea Baby !

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116642 Well guys if you ever wanted to get your hands on a Canon 1200mm f5.6 lens which are custom made to order then now is your chance. For a lazy $120 grand US you can get one second hand on B & H Photo. link

I remember many years ago I went to a Photo Expo here in Sydney and they had one of these on display and the price was marked “POA”. I asked the guy at the Canon display how much it was and he pointed to a red Holden Barina that was also there on display and he said if you buy the lens you get the car. Enough said.

Imagine stitching with this thing. Wow.

4 thoughts on “Canon Super Telephoto 1200mm f5.6L – Yea Baby !

  1. You would only need to move the panoramic head 1mm to stitch with this thing.

    I think I would need to build an observatory to house it.

    Will my Lee Filters fit it?

  2. How could you ever recover the cost of this puppy? I’ve seen some serious gear on Rally Oz before a bunch of idiots made a mistake. But they would have been lumping a $70K Aud kit around with them and that was with 3 Canon Mk1Ds and long prime lenses. For when I win Lotto;)

  3. hmmm…. just imagine the tyre-kicking that’s going on in good old B&H right now with that.

    Last time I was there they wouldn’t even let me handle a 70-200mm L series, so just how they are gonna sell that baby is beyond me. (when I asked re the weight of the lens, the guy behind the counter looked it up on-line rather than reaching behind him and letting me hold it – took nearly 5 mins as well on his screen to check the weight….).

    So there ya go, Matt, my second post 🙂

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