Dawn over Wentworth Falls Lookout


This shot was taken just before the start of my Blue Mountains course. The sunrise was a cracker but with the angle of view from the lookout I was only able to get a tiny bit of it. Complements the shot well I think. The mist and fog was amazing to watch as is hugged the rock face.

Another wide angle stitch from the 5D Mk II.

14 thoughts on “Dawn over Wentworth Falls Lookout

    • Mate I didn’t even take the 617 with me, I tend not too as I get better shots with the 5D MkII. This view is so wide you can fit about six 617 views in it. Now if the 617 had this field of view it would have been awesome.

  1. Fantastic image Matt, I’m very jealous of the great mountain ranges you have over on the east side. Sure our beaches are nice but our so called ‘mountains’ simply do not compare!

  2. That’s one awesome cloud, wish i could get the chance t do the same in the Stirling Ranges over here in Wait Awhile I’ve been to the Blue mountains but I wasn’t blessed with anything like this. Well done on a spectacular image!

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