Fotoman Cameras Ceasing Production

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Today I was talking with Scott the owner of Main Line Photographic’s (who is the Fotoman Retailer in Australia) regarding selling my Fotoman 6×24 and he told me some interesting news that the company “Fotoman” is ceasing production on all its camera’s and disbanding.

On the Fotoman web site (under their Q&A section) they talk about still offering full support and parts for their cameras and the future of the company etc.

As us film shooters know the Fotoman 6×17 camera was and still is for the time being while stocks last, a great option to shoot the format with the Schneider lens without breaking the bank. (Linhof uses the same lenses and a new one will cost you $12 grand where the Fotoman with the same lens is around $6 grand). Then you have the Fotoman 6×24 like I have that pumps out a crazy sized tranny (22.4cm x 5.6cm).

If you are interested or were ever looking to get a Fotoman get in quick while stocks last apparently they are depleting quickly.

2 thoughts on “Fotoman Cameras Ceasing Production

  1. There is infact the DAYI or Gaoersi 612, 617, 624 film camera that have shift as well for $1200 AUD. These take all the normal lenses as well as interchangable backs, dark slide and shift. They would seem a much better cheaper option than fotoman. FWIW i looked at them while i was in china an the fit and finish was very good and certainly up to any standard.
    If people are interested then they sell on ebay from hongkong and shanghai.
    I was ‘that’ close to getting one based on the quality but just couldnt justify another system.
    Regards Neil (knumbnutz on FLICKR)

  2. Thanks for the post Neil. Seeing Fotoman are now out of production this could be the next alternative for people wanting a new 6×17 or larger. $1200 is quite cheap for a new body. The Schneider lens on my Fotoman was around $2800.

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