Google buys Nik Software offering $149 bundle

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Back in September 2012 Google acquired the popular standalone company Nic Software. Over the years I had installed various types of it’s plug in’s on my range of computers to check it out but every time I just couldn’t justify the price they were asking per plug in, especially when I was happy with my current workflow. But now in March 2013 Google has made available the whole Nic Software plugins for $149. Now it is a case of how can I justify not to buy these plugins, given the discount is some 70% on what you would would have spent years ago.

In Nic Softwares public statement they say their looking forward to being part of Google, so lets hope they continue to invest into advancing these plugins with the quick changing advancements in photography, even though the media reported Google had it’s eyes on Nic Softwares great Snapseed phone app.

One thought on “Google buys Nik Software offering $149 bundle

  1. That offer has been available here in the UK for some time.
    But for those who have already bought the full collection at the full price prior to the google take over as I did, about a year before, I Emailed the NIK sales team with my discontent about the fact that I had not long paid £300+ + for the full collection, the NIK sale team, emailed me back with their apologies and ask me to send them my NIK Product key Number for each piece of software and they will email me a link to where I can download the latest version free of charge and it updates itself automatically free of charge when the update are available.
    Just thought you would like to know!!

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