I see red, I see red, I see red

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Long Jetty

Over the last week or more the light here in and around Sydney has been nothing short of sensational. Both on sunrise and sunset it is really delivering a photographers dream. I have shot what I can with my other commitments, missing some great sunrises as I have been baby sitting my two kids. But I am pretty happy with what I have managed to shoot.

This top shot was taken on a private course on the Central Coast and the bottom one again was taken on a private course from Mrs Macquaries Chair in Sydney.

Both shot on the Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50 with next to no post production other than cleaning the scan and then a contrast adjustment.


8 thoughts on “I see red, I see red, I see red

  1. Great captures Matt, does look like you had some awesome light over there! I am not too keen on jetty pictures in general so I prefer no. 2, that is a briliant classic Sydneyscape from a great viewpoint.

  2. Nice matt, good to see one of sydney with some foreground in it. How’d you go with those rolls of film, you dropped off?
    I’ve been watching a fair few really good sunrises on my way to work… hating life!!! đŸ™‚
    I tend to agree with Flemming Bo on the jetty shots, they always offer awesome reflections etc but they don’t lend much to composition.. but hey, that could be considered as a challenge!

  3. Thanks guys. Yea heaps of great light. Even last night (Thursday) the sun dropped and the sky 15 min later popped out blood red.

    I saw your shot of Long Jetty Bryce and was jealous. Boy that sky looked awesome.

  4. nice one of Sydney, Matt – I am guessing taken before the Opera House lights were switched on?

    Must say I prefer that one to the Long Jetty one, that looks a bit similar to a Kenny-D-plc type of shot.

    Must say I am enjoying the blog these days, always a look-see most days, even if I don’t post on every entry.

    One day i’ll be on for a one-on-one, will keep saving .

    cheers mate

  5. I heard from Mick Hruby the light was magic down under and saw some of his latest shots. And he was right, the light was spectacular! i guess wintertime is compensation the colder temperature with these awesome colours. Very nice Matt. Best wishes from Holland, Corne

  6. Mick Hruby is a legend. Both guy and photographer.
    The most unknown, undiscovered, underrated photographer going round on the central coast for sure, and i’ll even put him up there in AUS as well!!

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