Ken Duncan 2010 Celebration of Light Exhibition – Out Now

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For all those who enjoy Ken Duncan’s work… every October / November he releases his 12 month exhibition of new images and it is just out. Looks like there are a few Phase One shots in there as well.

All NT and Victorian shots except for one WA shot.

Click this link to check it out.

5 thoughts on “Ken Duncan 2010 Celebration of Light Exhibition – Out Now

  1. oh realy! that sucks in a way, i have been there once before, very nice gallery and nice staff, even tho he was gay hahah but yeah…….i know a dude who just opened a gallery in cairns, its pretty cool, it has sand for the floor and big wood sleepers for the feature walls t

  2. is it me (or my monitor) or does it look like Team CFL have been very busy indeed, working some of Ken’s latest shots with some of the colours?

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