Ken Duncan – Great Southern Land Exhibition

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For those who follow the work of Ken Duncan around this time each year he releases his latest exhibition of images.

His latest exhibition is now out and is titled Great Southern Land. Once again beautiful work from some places that take quite a bit of dedication and planning to get to like Macquarie Island.

Anyway have a look and enjoy. (Exhibition Link)

11 thoughts on “Ken Duncan – Great Southern Land Exhibition

  1. Rod I think Kens last exhibition showed some images that were worked quite hard. But for me this one is spot on. I just think some of the images are of different locations that not many can relate to which makes the exhibition all the more interesting.

  2. I agree that it’s good to see some images not worked as much – this is a bit of a trend that I am not the biggest fan of. It’s also good to see work from places like Macquarie etc.

  3. Mitch its not always about the pop and sometimes adding too much colour to a shot dosen’t make it better. Peter Liks works is a combination of mood lighting in his gallery’s, printing on Fuji Flex and directional halogens and then you have the Photoshop side of colour added. You read on a few forums of ex employees relating stories of hearing Lik yell at his Photoshop guys “More saturation”.

    Do a google search on “Peter Lik Photoshop” and have a read of some of the stories on the links. Quite a bit of ranting and raving about the whole issue.

    At the end of the day, as it always does, it all comes down to personal taste. Ken’s new exhibition gets the thumbs up from me.

  4. I just think that its not his best work… sure, he has taken some photos from different locations, but to me that does not make this good work just because it NEW… Does it ? He has taken alot better images than this and I am sure he will continue to do so in the future.

  5. hmmm – interesting.

    We know Ken is the Central Coast Citizen of the Year at present – some workload in that .

    A Couple of points:-

    1. Ken has been around for almost as long as, say, U2. How relevant are they these days? I believe Ken was at his best in the mid to late 90’s. In fact insert the name of most artists who have been around for a couple of decades or more.

    2. I think he will struggle to release a new book. That is, of all new images. Even his last was a collaboration 50/50 with Leo Meyer, and in my opinion the only standout images were the Verticals from the WA gorges.

    2c over….

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