Ken Duncan talks about Arts Freedom Australia

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Thought all those interested in the Art Freedom Rally held on the 29th of August would be interested in this video made by Ken talking about the issues that the rally is all about. It’s great to see how he is really behind the scenes batting for all of us to get a better deal but it’s a shame it all falls on deaf ears.

Rally location is Campbells Cove, Sydney Harbour, on Sunday, August 29th from 10am – 12pm. See you there.

To view the video larger click here.

6 thoughts on “Ken Duncan talks about Arts Freedom Australia

  1. Sadly, given the nonsense created about “terrorism” I can’t see the lever being wound back on this. While it would be nothing short of appalling to become a victim of a terrorist act (or know someone who was), how many people are actually killed in terrorist acts each year? 3000? 5000?, 10000? I sincerely doubt it would be more, and while that’s bad news if you’re one of them, the truth is you have more chance of being fried by a sliver of lightening. Quite a few groups have an interest in keeping the hysteria wound up high about the all pervasive “terrorist” who’s out to blow you up. That means an erosion of rights for people like us. Case in point, a while ago I was photographing the nuts and bolts under the Sydney harbour bridge. Guess how long it took for the cops to wander by and ask what I was doing? Not long…I mean, for crying out loud, it’s not as if I had an eight foot long spanner and was trying to undo them. Let’s face it, if they are so damned strategic and/or are holding up the Bridge then enclose them in a cement sarcophagus!

  2. As a professional photographer in Ireland, i strongly agree with Ken. i spent several years in Australia and photographed it as an armature photographer. I thought it was out of hand back then and that was ten years ago. I would like so much to be on that march in August.
    I hope ye get results and get an ear that listens

  3. I hope he got a permit to shoot those documentary’s there.

    Also he needs to drop the “God” bit in his argument, and put the emphasis on “it belongs to all Australians”, similar to what the incumbent Government has done with the minerals resource tax.

    I think all that professional photographers should have to worry about is their own public liability insurance.

  4. Just wish I was back in Oz in time to attend the Rally. It is not just an issue in stralia though. The national trust, who for those outside the UK is a charitable organisation setup to protect the wild parts of the UK are doing exactly the same thing. Though with the trust it is because they have their own photolibrary which monopolises the commercial use of photos taken on the properties they manage.

    Where I live in Cornwall (far south west of England) of the 300 miles of coast the trust owns one third, personally I think for a charity or government organisation (like parks australia) to dictate that people cannot take photographs on the land they manage is a total pisstake.. Government departments are elected by the people to serve! and charities are funded by? that’s right the people! I suspect almost all serious landscape photographers in the UK are National Trust Members, I am not any longer since they insisted I stopped distributing a photograph of a place called Lydford george, my shot was simply miles better than anything in their own library!! and I would have gladly allowed them to use it to promote the trust for free!!

    Anyway rant over and well said Ken Duncan…

  5. Had already watched this video and decided to attend, hopefully the more this gets circulated the more people we can get there. Like so many things these days our rights are slowly being taken away from us. I am passionate about being able to to take photo’s, that I get enjoyment from and they certainly aren’t man made so who give’s man the right to take it away from individuals.

    See you there Matt


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