Lee 10 Stop ND filter “The Big Stopper”

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Lee filters has launched this month (March 2010) their own version of the 10 stop filter. These types of filters are all the rage at the moment. The above image is shot with the G617 on Velvia slide film during the middle of the day with the B&W 10 stop ND filter. The lee filter is 100 x 100mm, made of glass and will slip into your standard lee filter holder.

My first though with a set up like this is “will it be light tight”. The shutter speeds these filters give you on digital and most definitely on film demand that it needs to be light tight. The Lee 10 stop is said to have on one side a thin foam gasket to make it light tight when inserted into the closest slot to the lens. Lee also state that the filter has been designed with an infrared layer to remove that warm cast you get with other 10 stop filters like the B&W. If anything they say you might get a slight blue cast.

One advantage the filter has is that you can use your other ND grads with the holder if you need to control the sky (my kit is set up with 2 slots). I know you can screw your lee adapter ring into the front of the B&W filter but you are risking vignetting with that kind of set up especially with wide angle lenses.

The price is about 94 pound ($156 Aust). If your interested here is a link for more info on the Lee site.

I have just ordered one from the UK and when it arrives I will put it through it’s paces and let you all know.

To see my review on the Lee Big Stopper V’s the B&W 10 stop then click here.


15 thoughts on “Lee 10 Stop ND filter “The Big Stopper”

  1. Wow! I’ll be interested to see how you go with it. Since going digital I’ve missed the ASA 50 films I used to use funnily enough at ASA 40. I’ve got an ND8 but it’s circular one and cant really use it with my Lee system, I get darkened corners, no good foe stitching. I get my equipment though Speedgraphic in the UK, can you deal with Lee direct?

    • Matt I use my Velvia 50 at 32 iso have done since day one. I use my B&W with my lee kit you just have to adjust your focal length until the vignetting is gone or give yourself more overlap in your stitches. I hope lee brings out a 6 stop glass filter. Thats my personal favorite.

  2. I just found out the Media Vision in Sydney will have them in at the end of the week. They could not give me price though.

  3. I think a six stopper would be great Matt. Fingers crossed. I like your shot. Great colours and exposure. Keep us posted. Greetings from holland, Corne

  4. Matt I bought the Singh-ray 10 stop vari which you turn to get various degrees of light from 0 to 10 stops, works extremly well. mine is the duo version which also has a CP as well attached to it. that takes a bit of work to get right and I wouldn’t buy that set up again but the Vari by itself is a good piece of kit, it would want to be for the price though.

  5. Sounds interesting Merv. The only thing for me is when shooting with the ND’s with film you have to know the stop amount. To work out the exact exposure. For digital sound perfect as you can see if the exposure is spot on.

    • Yep easy to do with live view Matt. Forgot to mention what really led me to buy this was the issue of “light tightness” as you say. This is a screw on filter and I was concerned about light leakage with long exposures with a slide in filter on my Lee system.

  6. I just picked up my Lee Big Stopper, its an awesome piece, can’t wait to give it a go this weekend. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the BW


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