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Well I just completed my first course in my photographic career with the colour Guru Les Walkling by doing his Colour Management Two Day Workshop. Now I’m not sure what to do, stick my head back in the sand and pretend that this world doesn’t exist in all its complexity or to embrace the new work flows and skills and push on. MMmmm…. Push on of course !!

The two days is worth its weight in gold and Les is seriously a funny guy, you cant stop smiling the whole day, not just in how he presents this world to you, but his stories and overall charisma. I have never seen anyone get so excited watching a monitor get profiled… especially when the neutral grays come up. Classic.

If you ever get a chance to do this course or any of his courses do your self a favor and get on one. I’m already looking forward to doing further courses he offers.

2 thoughts on “Les Walkling Colour Management Workshop

  1. Hey Matt I hope I find you well.

    I agree entirely with your comments on Les! I’ve also completed the Colour Manageemnt course with him this time last year and just recently last month I completed his advanced Photoshop course and his passion and energy was no different!

    Glad to hear that you got something out of his course and have already applied new things that you learnt to your latest tutorial; re applying local stauration adjustments by assigning Joesph Homes D.Cam 3 Colour Space Chroma Variants.

    Keep up the good work mate!


    • Hey Ric,

      Yea it was great. Would like to do some more targeted courses of his and the colour management one really only touches the surface really. I have known about the DCAM profiles for a few years now and applied them like that, but it was good to see Les talk about them as well. He did really cover using them just that we saw them in his profile menus and we chatted on breaks about it.

      His advanced photoshop would have been a great one. Especially since he is a landscape shooter.


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