Leura Cascades, Blue Mountains, NSW

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Leura Cascades, Blue Mountains, NSW

This shot was taken on my Blue Mountains course that ran last weekend (14th June 09). We had some great weather with a nice red glow on sunrise over the Three Sisters then we headed off to Hanging Rock and shot with nice warm morning light and as we walked back the dark clouds came over so after lunch we shot Leura Cascades as it poured down.

We then made a dash for the Three Sisters as a stunning rainbow was now out as the rain cleared very quickly, but we missed it (Dam !!) so we then shot the Three Sisters on sunset with the warm afternoon light.

Leura Cascades is located about 5 – 10 minutes drive from the Three Sisters and is an easy 10 minute walk from the car park (free parking). Shooting the falls is from a viewing platform (that you can jump over easily) and the area is surrounded by walking track safety railing that is unavoidable in your shot. (Top right in this shot). This is an 8 image stitch on the 5D Mk II with a polariser and also a ND soft grad.

9 thoughts on “Leura Cascades, Blue Mountains, NSW

  1. Thanks guys… it is a bit dark but it hides a lot of the dead brown under growth. But I find the darkness keeps people eyes on the key parts of the waterfall.

    Ilya… is there any other format other than panoramic 🙂

  2. > is there any other format other than panoramic 🙂

    LOL! Good one!!! 🙂

    I read somewhere that in a precentage the 6×17 format is more popular in Australia than anywhere else.

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