Man V’s Shark

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Only last month I got my own underwater housing for my 5D Mk II and no sooner than a week goes by and there is a report of a shark attack on Avoca Beach (my prime shooting spot). Looks like it wasnt so much as an attack more like a surfer standing on some kind of Wobbygong and it gave him a nip on the leg.

I currently follow a stream on the website flickr for people who shoot with underwater housings. Great source of info and also the pics too. Well yesterday this bloke dale had a close encounter of his own. Check out these shots with a Mako coming at him. Crazy crazy crazy stuff. He kept his eye on the shark at all times and fought it off with his housing, but still took a few shots as well.

Dales flickr stream can be followed here so you can read his thoughts on the situation and the comments on each image.

9 thoughts on “Man V’s Shark

  1. wow there wicked shots!!! how lucky is this guy lol… in the pictures it only looks like a small shark, but them teeth look very sharp hahah….he should sent these into nat geo magazine 😀

  2. I’m with Bryce… with teeth like that size dosen’t matter and remember this is shot with a fisheye so this sucker is bigger than it looks and also a lot closer as well. Those people on the pier apparently were shooting video of it… would be great to see that.

  3. hahahahaha aqua-tured!! funny shit…. yeah i went to that guys flickr page, he has some nice under water shots, i dont get how the pano housing works hahah is there 2 cameras?

  4. yikes!

    i agree about the people standing there!
    and it would be pretty cool to see the above water footage too.

    that bloke has some amazing pics- we’re not going accept anything less from you now! 😛 lol

  5. For Sale
    1 near new Kobetech underwater housing.
    A few teeth marks around front port but ok otherwise.
    Some brown staining to rear and rear seal may need a pressure test.
    Contact Dale on 555 4321

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