Manly Beach Photos, Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW

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This was last nights sunset over Manly while I was out teaching my Northern Beaches Day Course. The sunset to the left was great, but there wasnt much of a composition shooting right into it. So this one is a panoramic stitch (8 images) going from South Steyne to Curl Curl Headland.

Sort of hoped the nice light would have filtered through more making the shot more of a keeper, but this one is off to the stock site.

5D MkII | 24-70mm f.2.8 lens @ 60mm | 1.3 sec @ F16 | 50 iso | lee three stop ND soft grad.


2 thoughts on “Manly Beach Photos, Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW

  1. So relaxed. Although there are a lot buildings on the left side of this picture, the open sky and open ocean makes me feel very relaxed. The soft colors of the ocean and sky give this image the perfect match. Great shot Matt.

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