New 617 joins the arsenal – Fuji GX617

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Today I took delivery of my Fuji GX617 with the 90mm lens. I bought it off a mate of mine Christian Fletcher who has done some amazing work with this outfit. I have seen the GX617 in use a few times over the years and it’s simplicity of use, ability to change lenses to the 105mm, 180mm and 300mm, the quality of images has made it high on my wish list.

It’s a welcome addition to my kit and I have big plans for this camera over the coming months and years.

New images from this camera will be seen on my main gallery.

6 thoughts on “New 617 joins the arsenal – Fuji GX617

  1. Thanks Tony… I shot with the camera last night and I must say compared to the Fuji G617 the GX617 is a totally different level of pleasure to shoot and use. The ability to remove the view finder to compose with, the 90mm lens, rear drop down back to load film, a lot of small things add up to a very nice piece of gear.

    99% of all my work on my site is shot with the Fuji G617 a few with the Linhof 90mm.

    Only shot a roll of 220 last night, did a lot of digital as well. When I get about 10 rolls I send them off the lab.

  2. Congrats on the purchase of your new camera Matt, I am sure you will get some great images from it in the coming years. And having the 90mm will make all the much difference for you that you have wanted.

  3. Hi Matt, May I know what you think of the Fujinon SWD 90mm lense compared to the Schneider 90mm which linhof 617 uses, in terms of sharpness and color rendition? Thanks!

  4. Han,

    I find the GX617 with the 90mm lens to be far superior to the Linhof camera I owned. But I had the version with the fixed 90mm lens. As for sharpness the GX617 is better. Colour rendition I couldnt say with any confidence. I didnt shoot that much with the Linhof to notice any difference in colour to what I was shooting.

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