Not sensor dust but sensor plastic

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I had my camera sensor cleaned by Canon about 4 weeks ago and on getting it back I took the body cap off and connected my 24-70mm lens and it’s never been off. Last week marks started forming on the sensor and then a few days ago this huge chunk of crap was on the sensor.

You can see the effect of it on the stitched image I took just to see how it would turn out.

I took it to a local camera tech guy (Tim) and he pulled out this small chunk of black plastic off the sensor and then removed some other small fragments. We came to the conclusion that somehow either when Canon put the body cap on or when I took it off the cameras lens chassis has shaved off some plastic from the body cap and it has fallen into the sensor well. By luck the small piece of plastic on the sensor was the best place for it. He said it could have easily made it’s way else where and cost me $500 + in the end it cost me nothing to have cleaned. Phew. The piece of plastic was about 3mm x 1 mm in size.

7 thoughts on “Not sensor dust but sensor plastic

  1. Bloody crap on the sensor.
    If you had a canon with the new sensor cleaner it would have shook right off. I had a hair in my 40D that appeared once and I turned the camera off and on five times and it was gone, never seen again.

  2. This was something you didn’t want floating around in your camera. The sensor shake would be a handy feature thats for sure. Hopefully I’m out of the woods and no more plastic will surprise me.

  3. I’ve got a 40d but I’m not wrapped in the sensor cleaner, i think it’s a little bit of a con.

    I still clean the sensor myself at least once a month.

    Tom ,I just wonder where that hair went into your camera, maybe just sitting, waiting, to cause trouble at a later date, maybe not.

    I usually set the camera to f22 go outside and take a pic of the bright blue sky , then load on the computer and have a look, you maybe surprised at the crap that you see.

    it’s not hard to clean the sensor, but the first time you’re a bit nervous.

  4. Hi Merv,
    The hair has not resurfaced so Im not going to worry.
    I test the sensor all the time and not a thing.
    However I haven’t changed the lens on it yet.

    I have a 30D that needs to be cleaned professionally. I have got a cleaning kit but theres some real stubborn crap on it.

  5. Bloody Canon huh… would not happen with Nikon Matt.. ( haha )

    No wonder their bodies are so dear, they got all these little FREE bits of plastic that come with them.


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