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Love him, hate him… who cares… Peter Lik really is a pioneer in the landscape photography world and now he has signed a deal with Americas NBC for an Action / Adventure photography reality show called 100 miles from nowhere. Should be a great watch when it is released.

More details are here on his blog and have a look around on his site at the promo of the show.

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  1. hmm wonder iff it will be on normal tv, i might just have to watch it on the net..

    i went to peter lik gallery in noosa a couple of weeks ago, and i was quite disappointed, because there was hardly any photos on the wall!, i still think the ken duncan gallery in cairns is still better ahha

    also the lady in the peter lik gallery was saying that his limited edition photos go up in price as they run out kinda thing, thats weird because ken duncan is as good or if not better than peter yet his photos don’t go up in price ????


  2. He has done very well for himself so good luck to him. Must admit walking into his gallery in Noosa quite a few years ago inspired me to get my crap together and attempt to improve my skills.

  3. Some people know how to appreciate his “Art”. They will love him. Some people don’t know. They will hate him. I do love his photography, but I don’t have the money to buy them. I at least still try to show my appreciation by writing him some poems, I just recently finished a poem called “Sacred Sunrise”.

    • Hi, Diana
      I am thinking of writing a biography of Peter and would consider using your poems.
      Please let me know and I will reply.
      Jay Whitney

      • Yes!! You can use any poem that show up in Peter Lik’s website(Yosemite National Park Video,Nature Enviroment—–).And there are some poems about “COLORS” and “Freedom” mailed to him personally few months ago ,if you can get them from Peter and get his permission to use them. I will be very proud to be the first one to read your work when you finish this great biography.
        Good Luck
        Diana Ball

  4. I also went to his Noosa gallery a few weeks ago and i must say his work is stunning , probably the best I have seen by far I would say.

    Prices started at $3500 up to $12500 for work that was hanging in the gallery at the time. The girl I spoke to there was really schooled in how to boom up the work and also boom up Lik himself. The annoying thing to me was a large screen on the wall with a continuos loop of him screaming and raving on, well maybe not quite that bad but a bit much for me.

    As you’ve probably worked out I’m not really a fan of him but his work is stunning , no doubt about it , you can’t help but be impressed.

  5. Matt ,

    Interesting indeed in terms of being a pioneer. He was certainly out there during the early/mid 90’s when Kenny D PLC was also starting out. At the same time another two Peters, being Jarver and Walton, were also doing the pioneer thing.

    Interesting to see all their early work – not such a use of early/late light – but in the days before Highway 1 was sealed, made a big difference to the difficulty factor of getting round Oz, so 10/10 to these guys for dedication.

  6. Peter Lik certainly knows how to sell it. As others have said, his photography is great. I was at one of his galleries in Vegas last year, beautifully presented.

    As a TV series, not something I would watch, I’m sure plenty will. I find it a bit too over the top. For example, hiking at 10,000 feet in a sleeveless shirt at -5C or top of mount Rainier again sleeveless, -15C. It’s okay I guess, only crazy Aussies would do this 😉

  7. I saw a Peter Lik gallery in Key West and as soon as i walked in the dorr, I was blown away by the photos. To capture the beauty of things we would not take second looks at is amazing. As an amateur photographer, I was speechless and just wished that my eyes will be able to see those places and sites.

  8. I have traveled to LaPush, Washington many times and the sight is beautiful. But Peter Lik’s pictures of LaPush makes it look like theres no way that could be on earth.

  9. God created everyone different and everyone has different talents.Some poeple are more sensitive to the tones,and rythm and we call them musicians . Some people are alert to the colors and shapes and we call them painters.Some people know how to use the words to describe feelings and ideas and we call them poets or writers.Peter lik is one of a kind and he is very original.He is so good at taking pictures when he feels something special and beautiful right away without any doubts from his heart &soul he pulls out his camera and creates the beauty of mother nature.

    I’m some what of a poet and painter.Every time I’m in a good mood,especially after a swim or a walk on the beach i can feel the trees and flowers dancing for me under the sun light and the wind in front of me.But if i have a financial problem everthing becomes practical and solid as 1+1=2 again.

    So try to see the world with your own pure mind and don’t let anything disturb you.One day i hope you will see the magical beauty of Peter Lik’s pictures just as i see them with out any expectation.

  10. Peter Lik is a self aggrandizing scam artist. In the Lik galleries he prefers to hire time share salesmen to really shove the “art” down your throat. He prays on the naive

      • Well obviously… wanna know why? because their scans, crops, FAKES. their not THE ORIGIONAL. its not hard to figure that out. peter lik’s work is amazing and if you were to take 1/100 of the quality pictures he does. or put 1/100 of the emotion into photography that he does im sure you would understand

    • I agree COMPLETELY. This is largely self propaganda of a photoshop artist. Hands off to him in creating the ‘buzz” in creating value and demand for his works. There are many BETTER photographers out there that have “real” and “artistic” and “meaningful” photographs. They just have not created the hype that Peter Lik has created. It might not match your decor but good quality photographs. I’m all in to paying or giving artist what its worth but I rather not pay for the hype machine.

      Cause when the hype dies down…

      What are you really left with?

  11. Yes,I agree with you.The stock photo site’s work is less quality,less emotion and there is no comparsion at all to Peter Lik’s .

    • I agree that his works get a little expensive. I don’t ever buy striaght from the artist. And with Lik you can only buy directly through him unless you find a gallery that has bought a piece from the original owner. I was able to buy Tahoe Jettty in the 1.5 meter format for 5k at Original Art Broker. Right now they have a couple piece for well below what you would pay at Lik Studios

      I do love Peter’s work. It is true that you could pay less for the same image. However it is not true that same image would compare. No one to this day has been able to produce Photo’s of his quality. Just be a smarter shopper if you don’t want to pay gallery price.

  12. Art is art. It doesn’t matter how it is created. Peter Lik has opened a new factor to photography and has given a photo actual life.

      • Art transcends all human boundaries, it is a gift of almost inexplicable magicaL energy. When my heart and senses are touched by art, my life is enhanced. Ever since I found out about Peter Lik’s photography, I don’t feel alone because I know there is someone else that can catch the real essence of an image and turn it into art. I show my appreciation to Peter by writing poetry on his website. Even though I don’t know him personally, every time I take photos I can feel his presence guiding me. Like I said, art can transcend all human boundaries.

  13. What is the big mystery? Peter clearly talks about his equipment, use of digital and film, use of the printing process, etc. He doesn’t hide anything at all in this video, where he talks about everything:!

    It’s easy to look at something that is so amazing and say it is unreal. I’m sorry, if it is so easy to replicate, then please go and take photos yourself and see if you can get the same results.

    • It’s easy to say, take photos yourself and see if you can get the same results. You say this knowing darn well there aren’t many out there that have over a million into their workflow,

      • For Peter Lik’s people to deny the massive photoshopping going on is quite hilarious. Anyone with a moderate knowledge photography and PS can see these adjustments loud and clear, because they are in many cases overdone. Over highlighting, burning, dodging, saturation, sharpening…and on and on. I do hope his images with tons of awards have nothing added to the actual subject matter of the photo to create the “emotion”. Only he and his team knows. Things such as sand and clouds are some of the easiest subjects to be shopped thru cloning, warping, dodging, burning. These can then be duplicated to film to come across as being the “one shot”.. Then hide behind this one shot slogan and film cameras to imply this type of manipulation must not be possible IMHO is very disingenuous as we all know film gets scanned to digital then run thru PS. It’s hard for many of us to understand this hype but see that being a very enthusiastic salesman and personality certainly can fuel the hype to the unsuspecting masses. You can’t deny that.

    • You may go to his website– or peter lik facebook or peter lik blog to get all the information that you want.Just take a little look,then you’ll know why he and his artwork are so special.

  14. You really have to see this art in person to fully appreciate it. He has gallery’s throughout the US loaded with some of the most impressive photographs you will ever see from this period. I can’t wait for his series to begin on tv.

  15. Master photographer? Lik has very nice images. Nothing much different though from what many other photographers today can achieve with the right gear. Master illusionist? Maybe. Lik would like you to believe these images are only possible with a 60k investment alone for just the digital camera and lens. This stinks of laziness

  16. Master photographer? Lik has very nice images. Nothing much different though from what many other photographers today can achieve with the right gear. Master illusionist? Maybe. Lik would like you to believe these images are only possible with a 60k investment alone for just the digital camera and lens.

    • Did you watch Peter’s TV show last night? if you could use the 60k equipment, would you go to Hawaii’s volcano’s and take a risky photo like him? It’s not just the camera, it’s the personality behind the camera. It takes real guts to travel to where he goes in order to take the perfect photo. If you can do what he does and get the same results as him, than maybe your photos will be worth the amount of Peter’s.

  17. Oh! I wish I could work for him,even just for one day.A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER like him,I can learn a lot of skills& experiences of shooting,but I’m not his worker,I ‘m only a Big FAN of Peter Lik.

  18. Let me say from the beginning, some of Peter Lik’s pieces are incredible, in fact there are very few I would not to have hanging somewhere in my house. Sacred Sunrise and Stone Temple are particular favourites.

    However the sales and commercial approach I dislike as intensely as I like the work. Firstly the very pushy sales people tell you that it will appreciate in value as it is limited edition of “only” 950 units. They justify this on the basis that they put the price up the more that they sell (they start at c$5k and rise to c$80k as fewer remain unsold). Just because a flash gallery in Las Vegas is able to sell one more at an extortionate price following a big win, doesn’t mean the other 949 all rise in value too and suggesting that they do it tantamount to fraud. The volume is too high for values to increase.

    Whether Lik’s work is digitally enhanced or not I don’t care, but it is a fact that it is not a single shot image, but trick photography (and clever printing) and this is a fact they also disguise.

    When you compare this attitude to Trey Ratcliff, whose style is similar and in my opinion can demonstrate equal talent, but gives permission to use his artwork for non commercial use free, it makes you realise how expensive Lik’s work is for what is essentially a posh poster.

    In summary, I thoroughly enjoy and whole heartedly recommend visiting a Lik gallery, but take anything the salespeople say with a pinch of salt and only buy if you can justify the price for your own pleasure. I couldn’t so happily have a copy of this on my wall instead ( It cost c$200 for a similar sized rear mounted acrylic print.

  19. Look at a job ad for one of his galleries. It tells you everything you need to know, ho wthey prefer time share or car sales experience. No art knowledge needed (or wanted)

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