RIP Cable Release 2000 – 2010.

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A sad day yesterday for me.. so full of highs and then one very low.

My cable release that I have had since I took my very first photo was lost. It was also given to me by a very good friend at the time so there was a lot of sentimental attachment as well. I watched it fall towards the ocean from 1000 feet over Palm Beach so it is well and truly gone. (sleeping with the fishes).

I know my cameras will miss it’s tight fit into the lens, lets hope they will like the new one I get, now I just have to find another that was just as good. Such a great quality release. The Linhof ones look like they will do the job.

2 thoughts on “RIP Cable Release 2000 – 2010.

  1. O! O! I’m sorry.I love the old stuff,too,especially something you used since the very beginning.A lot of feelings and history.Really sorry.

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