Spoon Bay – Exposure Blending

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Ok guys and girls. Here is my latest blend of three images. Shot these ones at -2, 0 and +2. When shooting I did keep my .9 ND grad on and I don’t think I will next time as when doing the brackets it works well for the +2 and 0 but it kills the -2 and makes it too dark especially when that one is for the sky.

More experimentation I guess. Good fun shooting these things. Makes a change from shooting slide. I especially love the water movement in this shot.

There is no HDR (Photomatix) in this image just Photoshop CS3 and layers.



6 thoughts on “Spoon Bay – Exposure Blending

  1. It has the look a painting but still looks reasonably natural, good work. It looks like a painting I think because everything is well lit even where we expect shadows.
    The colour of that water is spectacular; really gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Flemming. Yea the water has come up a treat.

    The +2 image was used for a bit of foreground lightening at about 40% brush.

    The -2 was used for the sky at 100% but lightened in Camera RAW as the .9ND made it too dark so there is your typical artifacts in the dark areas of the sky when viewed large.

    The rest is the base image (0)

    But it’s not bad for a second run at this technique.

  3. I like this one Matt, this would be good subject for a video tutorial when you’ve nutted it out. Keep up the good work, I’m liking this style. That’s the new desktop wallpaper sorted out:)

  4. Nice one Mat ,
    Love the foreground and water movment . Got to love the coast line over your side has such interesting rock formations you can shot from so many different angles.

  5. Nice one Matt, it has that bit of HDR look to it but not over cooked.

    The sky is a bit too dark for me ,in contrast to the water that looks a little unnatural,but thats a personal thing I guess.

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