The colour and beauty of Panoramic 6×17 on Velvia 50 slide film

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A little preview and collection of some of my popular 6×17 slide images being previewed on my Imacon 343 for those who enjoy my work and are interested in seeing what the original slides look like and it can also answers the question of “Is that colour real”

It will give all you pure digital photographers something to drool over when you see the instant colour we get out of slide. If only our RAW files looked like this.

You can also download the .mov source file as well if you like so you can see the movie bigger or Click the vimeo title or here to also view the video bigger on the Vimeo website.

12 thoughts on “The colour and beauty of Panoramic 6×17 on Velvia 50 slide film

  1. Very interesting, I always wanted did my best to believe Velvia was that good and that people weren’t manipulating, but it’s nice to see proof. 😉 $5 per shot though, ouch. XD You can kind of see why.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. It all looks so easy Matt! Well the final step anyway. The shooting, as you say, is all about confidence. That first shot is one of my favourites of yours. It’s definitely hard to believe the inherent magic colour of Velvia 50 but after seeing this clip, and finally shooting some myself, I can.

  3. Cain… yea it take a bit of practice to shoot and master slide but when you do it pays off big time. Yea that truck is a favorite of mine as well.

    Dave… no the scanner is not for sale anymore. When I list it you got to be quick to buy as I change my mind quickly on selling this thing. Wow… your scanning bill is huge. Mine is $0. 😉

  4. The question “Is that colour real?” has to be one of the most amusing questions I’ve come across. I can’t find it now, but French/US photographer Alain Briot wrote an article on that subject with some very interesting answers (which apply equally to film and digital). The crux of his article was “what really is “real” colour?”

    I believe that a photographer is an artist, and our final print is how “we” see the scene. Some will not agree with our perception, just like some will not like a painter’s work (or a sculpture, poem etc etc). Many will enjoy our perception and will see the print for what it is. Nothing gets up my nose more than a “critic” who pixel peeps a 40″ print and complains that the blade of grass doesn’t look sharp from a viewing distance of 1cm, or that sky just looks a little too blue etc etc.

    Art is in the eye of the beholder.

    BTW – Matt, I’m loving my new 5Ds2 :^)

  5. Thanks for taking the time to share. Beautiful images. I’ve just bought a GX617 myself and would purchase one of your video tutorials if you were to produce one for this camera.

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