The Storm Chasing has begun

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Over Forresters Beach

A few blog post ago I mentioned how this summer I was going to storm chase and last night I kicked it off with an impressive lightening show over Forresters Beach.

They predicted a thunder storm around 11pm and it hit around 7pm with rain and then lightening around 8pm. So I headed out to Terrigal and shot towards Forresters Beach (the headland in the background on the right) to see the best of the lightening.

High VoltageI played around with iso’s, f stops and shutter speeds to get the best combination of strikes, ambient light and low noise (noise seams to be the biggest issue). Still a work in progress and learning heaps. At the end of the summer I will be publishing an article about my findings of shooting both digital and slide film which will be accompanied by a feature in the field video as well.

8 thoughts on “The Storm Chasing has begun

  1. Great shots Matt, I can’t wait to read your published article. It is always great to see the latest shot you put on your blog. You always get my mind thinking of what to try next. Thanx

  2. I’m envious, I want to photograph lightening too. These are so cool, can’t wait for the article and video. Good luck with future storm chasing will be checking here for the results…

  3. good stuff matt, i too cant wait for the article and vids…

    hey have you tried changing your white ballance when doing lightning photography?, i heard that a fluorescent WB give the bolt a nice purple hue


  4. Nice Matt. Yeah I reckon noise would be a huge killer! All my attempts (only on film) have been shocking! I’ve heard this year is going to be a cracker so looks like you’ll get heaps of info for your articles 🙂

  5. Good stuff Matt. I look forward to your article etc, I had an opportunity 2 nights ago to capture some stunning lightning over the Sunshine coast in QLD unfortunately I didn’t do it as well as you did.

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