WANTED – Hasselblad 6×6

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I have been Ummm and Arrring about his for a while and have decided it is time to buy another camera and it is going to be a Hasselblad 6×6. So if anyone out there has one they are looking to sell or has a friend with one let them know and to drop me an email through my website. Looking for the 500CM model or similar, A12 film back, not too worried about the lens as i will be getting the 50 and 40mm lens but if you one of those then great.

I use to own one that I acquired from scanning film for a photographer in exchange for the camera “was an awesome deal” and I reluctantly sold it to free up cash to open my gallery on the Northern Beaches for six months. So I cant wait now to get another one.

11 thoughts on “WANTED – Hasselblad 6×6

  1. Wow no rest for the wicked hey up at 530 on the search for a new toy nice… I’ll keep my eye out for another one Simon sold his would of been a perfect buy anyway can’t win them all.

  2. wow i love this shot!, i normaly dislike square photos but this one ticks all the boxes for me!, you will be good to see you shooting in another format! good luck on ya searching lol, keep an eye out on mainlinephoto 🙂


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