Where to buy Lee Filters Neutral Density Grads

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lee filters I don’t know what’s happening, but trying to buy Lee Filters from the US just isn’t happening. I have been watching on B&H Photo for months now and even Adorama and nothing is coming and staying in stock and as soon as the product comes available within hours their out of stock again for months.

I have been waiting to replace my own Lee Filter Soft Grad set as they are totally flogged after 9 years of use. Sure they could have been better cared for over the years and not put into pockets, in between legs but it was more important to get the shot at the time than worry about slipping it back into its case. In saying that I’m very careful with my new Lee hard grad set.

Anyway I found a company in the UK that seams to have everything in stock. From the filters to the adaptor rings and the foundation kits.

I just bought my soft grad kit (.3, .6 and .9) filters for $128 pound that’s $247 Aust + postage. Pretty good and a better price than B&H where the filters cost $283 Aust + postage.

The website is www.morco.uk.com

Hope this helps all of you waiting and looking for these filters.

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  1. 9 years!!!! Hell if I can get half that life span with mine I’ll be wrapped! I wish the likes of Canon and Nikon would stop focusing so much of thier efforts on increasing the range of ISO speeds (that I couldn’t really care too much about) and focus more of their efforts on increasing dynamic range on thier DSLR cameras so that one day we won’t have to worry about scratching ND grads or trying to hold them with your mouth while taking a shot before the good light disappears… I bought a new LEE Proglass ND 9 stop filter the other day through Adorama for about $200 AUD only to let it drop on the rocks and smash !@#

  2. Hey mate…. i put an order in last week and havnt heard anything from them…. ive sent them a couple of emails but still nothing…. how safe is the site??

  3. Hola!

    Lee filters are indeed extremely difficult to get hold of especially living outside of the UK as i found out. The above UK websites where the least flexible ones i encountered. Heres some i found to be excellent:

    http://www.studiokitdirect.co.uk/Catalogue/Lee_Filters.htm — free delivery over 100quid in UK & realtime stock indicator


    http://www.teamworkphoto.com/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=6&zenid=6eecd1fbc58310c412082c9e5b3dda61 —ask first about product but excellent communication+service

    this was exhaustive and time consuming to find these but yelded great results.

    Matt, absoutely love the new website, fantastic work.. looking forward to the new videos. i shall be signing up with a paid account!

    saludos from Tenerife, canary islands

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