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I’m finding blogging is an exciting and fun way to broadcast information across the Internet that’s separate from your main working web site. But one problem I was finding was the poor rendering of my images when uploading via the WordPress dashboard. As your image is uploading the status bar indicates at the end it is “Crunching” the image and they ain’t kidding. The image will more than likely look fuzzy and de saturated killing all your hard work of taking and displaying a great photo.

Windows Live WriterWell there is a solution to your problem if you have a PC it is called “Windows Live” and it is FREE and within the package is the program Windows Live Writer (I am yet to see a mac based program like this). The application connects and syncs with your blogging account and server allowing you to write and post via the application. The images you upload retain all their colour and detail quality which is fantastic.

The application will also let you write articles in advance and save them either locally on your computer or you can save them as a draft to your WordPress account. You can post date articles to automatically list for you which is a nice extra especially when you maybe away for a week or two and you want to make sure your viewers have something to come back too each day. I’m sure WordPress has all this somewhere but with Live Writer it is all in front of you at the click of a mouse.

Aside from the image quality benefits and little extras as you use the application you enjoy the ease of use to write and design your blog topic with familiar features you see in the Word program tool bar.

So if you have a PC and haven’t seen the light and bought a MAC yet then Live Writer is for you. At least now I have found a use for my PC that might extend its life around here.

3 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer

  1. Nice imformation mate ,
    I all ways thought that the shots Iv uploaded to wordpress loss coulor and sharpness . am going to check that app out shortly

  2. Yeah mate I know it and love it, have used Windows Live Writer ever since it was in beta for more than a year ago. Such a great tool! Very recommend.

    I’m sure there must be mac alternatives. There are many advanced blogging tools available and some of them must have mac versions as well. I saw a great test of them some time ago, will see if I can find the link some day.

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